A Night Away In Lanesboro: Our Babymoon

Feb 13, 2018

My husband and I have two adorable kids and a newborn. A month and a half before the exciting arrival of our third daughter, we went on our "baby-moon". Our oldest two are five and three, so we are in the thick of parenthood. Every year we try to get away for at least a night to strengthen our marriage and have kid-free time. One of our favorite things to do is visit a Bed & Breakfast. Taylor's undergrad is in English, literature and writing. So when we were dating, he did really sweet things, like write me poetry. Of course, the combination of his poetry skills, his 6'5" football player frame and rocking long blonde hair made me sure he was the "one". And then when we got engaged and he said he would love to spend our wedding night at a Bed & Breakfast, I knew I was marrying the perfect guy for me. Every year since our wedding, we have enjoyed a night away.

I have been kind of obsessed with Bed and Breakfasts since I was a kid. My parents took us to one in New Hampshire when we were living in Pennsylvania and I thought it was magical. Well, it was magical until I dove into the lake and lost my glasses. I could not see anything the rest of our stay, but I didn't forget how cool it was. Then, I started dreaming of owning my own B&B and even decided to start college as a business major to pursue my dream. After changing my major a few times, I decided to table that dream (for the time being) and pursue a career in communications. All the while, still being a customer at B&B's and logging ideas for my own establishment someday.

Why are Bed & Breakfasts amazing? Well, since they are all so unique, I will use our most recent stay in Lanesboro to tell you why this ONE Bed & Breakfast was awesome. We stayed at The Historic Scanlan House and it was a real treat!

Bed and Breakfast: The Historic Scanlan House in Lanesboro

Five favorite things about this Bed and Breakfast:
  1. The decor. It was really eclectic and since it was the holiday season it was decked out with Christmas stuff. Some might think it was a bit overwhelming, we thought it was mega festive.
  2. The evening drink selection. There were tons of hot chocolate, tea and coffee choices. And every sized marshmallow you could imagine for the hot cocoa.
  3. The staff. The owners chatted with us for a long time in the morning and even let us check out the rooms we didn't stay in.
  4. The breakfast. It was so good, by far the highlight. It was warm, delicious and fresh. The conversation was also really enjoyable with the other couple who had stayed the night.
  5. The room. The giant tub, queen bed and comfy couch were exactly what a pregnant lady needs to relax at 30 weeks pregnant.
Why a bed and breakfast for a baby-moon?
  1. Relaxing time. At a bed ad breakfast, you can just slow down and have zero obligations. It's amazing.
  2. Couple time. Spending a solid 24 hours with my husband (and without my kids) is so good for our marriage. We reconnect, talk about the future and make new memories.
  3. Limited Travel. Most women don't like to travel too far for their babymoon, especially if it's after 32 weeks. Bed and breakfasts provide a getaway that's not too far away, but still away from all the chaos of life.
  4. TV time. Call me crazy, but there may not be a better place to watch an old movie favorite with my husband than from the comfort of our room at a B&B. 
  5. Food. Having someone else cook for me while I'm pregnant is just perfection.
If you are pregnant and want a babymoon or just need a romantic getaway with your husband, I recommend The Historic Scanlan House in Lanesboro. It was a fantastic getaway before we added our beautiful new baby to the picture!


  1. Thank you so much for staying with us! We really enjoyed your company and conversation. :) Congratulation on the healthy birth of your third child!!!
    Kirsten Mensing
    Historic Scanlan House Bed and Breakfast Inn, Lanesboro, MN

    1. Kirsten, Thank you! It was a blast and we also enjoyed our conversation. We will be back! - Hannah